Digitization Solutions for SMEs

Waxdale Tech Studio provides efficient and affordable technology services for SMEs.

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Digitization Advisory Services

WTS advices SMEs on the whole product development lifecycle. Get insights from industry veterans.

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Own a dev team.

WTS offers a dev team for an affordable monthly subscription. We save you serious money so you can invest in your business.

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Bottom Line Operational Efficiency (BLOE) - We work with your business to improve operational efficiency through technology. We identify a digital solution for your business that could reduce your costs significantly and increase your bottom line.

Top Line Business Growth (TLBG) – We work with your business to improve your growth rate, achieve more aggressive MRR and ARR, and increase your top line.

Digitization Solutions

We build custom made software tools for your business to optimize your operations. We find the right balance between growth and costs and you are the beneficiary of amazing results. Whether you want us to engineer a new communications tool for your team, a custom sales management software for your BDRs, or a custom inventory management software for your retail store, WTS has the expertise to do it.

Digitization Advisory

WTS is a technology firm managed by business professionals this gives us a strong competitive advantage. Our strong business acumen merges with our strong technology infrastructure and we’re able to deliver great products in no time. Sometimes a simple website is all you need other times you’ll need something more robust.

Is your small business unable to hire a great tech team in-house? Do you rely on freelancers for your most important technology projects? You can hire WTS as your in-house team for 18 plus months. Don’t worry about our Plans and Pricing, we are more than willing to negotiate and help you achieve great results.

Operations Optimization

We engineer software tools and websites that eliminate unnecessary activities and processes which leads to operations optimization. That’s why our dev team are the best for SMEs.


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We love talking to SMEs. Get in touch with us and we will help your idea succeed.

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